Burglary-Antique Store-Stolen Coins- Oregon


Sutherlin, Oregon Detectives are investigating a burglary that occurred at Oakland Antiques.


1. App 60 Miscellaneous 14k - 18k rings - Diamond Ruby Emerald etc - Antique estate 2. South West Native American made Sterling Silver Turquoise jewelry (bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, rings) - see photos 3. Northwest Indian beadwork dolls, tobacco pouches, knife sheaths 4. 50 misc date Peace & Morgan dollars including 19 dated 1923 mint silver peace dollars (all in 2/2 cases) 5. 100 Half dollars - walking liberties (good to very fine) 6. 5 ounces California Placer gold in 5 / 1 ounce tubes (31.1 grams each) 22 karat 7. App 20 antique (pre 1899) hand guns (most nickel plated) most rim fire 32 - 38 caliber - see photo 8. 17 rare antique silver plate BB (Birks jewelers Canada) ring cases - one square all others are round - seldom see in US 9. App 35 antique pocket watches - gold and silver cases 5 or 6 (16 size) Railroad watches with up / down indicator dials (rare) 10. 50 silver bullion coins "rounds" including several rolls of "buffalos" 11. 20 Austrian 1 oz "Thaler" Maria Teresa (trade dollars) - all same 1700's date (one in original folder with info) 12. .32 caliber semi auto pistol (self loading) Harrington & Richards Arms Co - 100% blued made 1914 - 24 - uncommon only app 10,000 made 13. Rare 14k gold ring with fantastic black opal (app 6-

Doug Davis



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