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Below are brief overviews of each service and product we provide. Follow the embedded links to a more detailed level about each service.

Collecting Strategies

The strategy you have provides focus for your collection. It is the strategy that can make the difference between a hodge-podge accumulation of numismatic materials and a truly unique and valuable collection.


Focus can also change your shoebox accumulation / collection into a real investment rather than something you get bored with quickly and then lose interest with over time.


With focus you have a much better chance to not only recovering your investment but to also appreciate in value and leave a legacy you and your family can be proud of for generations to come.

Investment Strategies


As with all things in life, all journeys begin with a plan.  


Investments are  susceptible to timely interventions and changes to ensure the desired results.


Information is your friend, while haphazard meandering will surely end you up on the rocks.


Plan your work, and then work your plan, has never been more true, don't leave it to chance.


Understand what you’re trying to accomplish and what you need to have or to do to get you there in the allotted time.


(Neither NC Coppers nor its employees or owners are financial planners, we can only provide you with the information available to us at any given time and make no guarantees as to the fitness of the advice nor will we be held responsible for the outcome of any investments. The company strongly recommends you consult with you financial planners before making any investment decision). 

" What we BUY"


NC Coppers purchases any coins and currency at the then prevailing rates published by industry averages, less a small percentage that translates to profit.


We reserve the right to pay more to repeat customers than would normally be paid, this is to reward loyalty amongst our clientele.  


Please look at the Specific Products Purchased to get a clear understanding of what we purchase.

Specific Products Purchased

We Purchase:

 We will review and test the material and offer to purchase any material we feel is genuine and can pass the normal in-house testing. We will accept questionable material on the basis of having it assayed, but will only purchase according to the material purity.


(NC Coppers will not be responsible for damage to any material damaged during such assessment or assaying)

Safe deposit Boxes and Vault Services

The Creedmoor Rd. location contains a secure vault containing over 740+ safe deposit boxes:

  • 3" x 5"         $75.00 per year

  • 3" x 10"       $150.00 per year

  • 5" x 10"       $300.00 Per year

  • 10" x 10"     $500.00 Per year

And general vault storage is available.

We have a limit of $2,500.00 of liability per box, with Insurance available for replacement costs of audited contents.

We provide 24 Hour access for emergencies only!

Out of hours access for non-emergencies is available for a fee of $250.00.

"Coins and Currency"


Many collectors after having begun collecting will take the opportunity to replace or upgrade the condition of coins they want to be in better overall condition or eye appeal.


Many shops will not take in trades due to the difficulty in reselling coins of lesser quality.


NC Coppers will take trade-ins and allow the collector to use the value of duplicates and trade-ins for the purchase of coins in better condition and or to help offset the cost of the more difficult and or rarer specimens to the collector’s collection.


NC Coppers will do everything in its power to obtain a fair settlement of the trade-ins toward the purchase of a rarer and more expensive coin.



Bringing in your coins or material into the shop early during the day on Saturday or Sunday and having a quick valuation of the material is the simplest.


The Steps involved:


We go through the entire material and sort out any  coins that  have any  premium associated with them for specific consideration. We will then price each one separately and the other material depending on its value, group this remaining material into lots for estimation purposes. 


We then total up the prices related to the premium pieces, the group lots and then the material usually only worth face value, to get a total valuation for the collection.


This service is free of charge.  (Well, for a hand shake…LOL)


If you go through your coins before you bring them in and make a list, preferably in Excel, we can provide you with a valuation which you can add to your inventory that can be stored with your collection. This will afford your heirs an indication of the value of your collection during any estate discussions (Never an if, always a when), so your collection does not end up in a garage sale at two for a quarter, after all your hard work to put it together and it would be a shame to throw away the value simply because of a miscommunication.


Get an inventory; you owe it to your spouse or heirs.


Formal estimates for Regulatory and Estate valuations most often provide any specific requirements for the valuation. Most of them are very common and do not differ much from time to time, but there can be some restrictions and specific methods must be followed. These types of appraisals require a great deal of time and are priced by the hour based on the specifics related to each estimate.

​Mint Products


The US Mint produces specific collectables and bullion coins and sets every year.


These commemoratives and sets as well as the coins can and should be purchased directly from the mint every year.


As the US Mint is the only place that you can purchase certain sets and commemoratives, purchasing them from any other source makes the product more expensive, as the dealers have to buy them from the mint at the same price you would. This Applies only to current and sometimes previous years while the US mint has supplies on hand.


There are occasions when a limited number of collectables are made available and it is difficult to obtain them from the mint prior to them being sold out. The secondary market is the only place to obtain these products after they are sold out at the US Mint.


Bullion coins (mint state, not proof) may be purchased in Bulk by Distributors, who purchase extremely large quantities and resell them to the wholesalers, who in turn sell them to the retailer (Like us) for resale to our customers (like you).


I am sure you are aware, the US mint makes a fair profit on each coin or set, the distributors also make a fair profit for their sale to the wholesaler, who in turn makes a profit on their sale to the retailer (Again that’s us, who after the long line of middlemen would also like to make a fair profit).


As you can see by the time a US government product reaches our hands there has been at least three levels of markup and profit, not to include shipping and insurance, so when you see a spot price on silver of $10.00 remember the government gets $2.00, the Distributor gets $1.00, the wholesaler get $1.00 and then there is shipping and insurance of about $0.30 so by the time the dealer gets the product we are paying $14.30 for something that spot says is $10.00 and then we can try to make a nickel.


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