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The shop at the fairgrounds "WAS" very small, we have now increased our space by 300% and brought in a large number of supplies Only available at the Creedmoor Rd location.

We carry Whitman, Harris, Krause, Dansco, Lighthouse, numis, Coin Safe, Guardhouse, Cowens, Supersafe, NGC, PCGS, Air-Tite, Capital, Zeiss, Eschenbach, Zoom, Bausch & Lomb, AWS, Universal and other trusted products for the Numismatic collector.


We have all of the basics, cardboard 2x2's in several sizes, currency covers, coin tubes, several coins books on hand including the red book, and can order just about any that are in print.


We will order exactly what you need and can have it drop shipped directly to your door, but remember there is a shipping fee.


You may want to place an order for your material with us on a next delivery order, and we will include your items with our next order and you can stop by and pick them up.


There is very little we cannot get for you!

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