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NC Coppers has Jewelry. Our primary focus is Coin Jewelry! Rings Necklaces, Bracelets etc.


Our sources are two primary methods:


  1. The secondary market:

    • Our customers bring in used jewelry to convert to cash. These items are not always damaged but are in some cases in very nice condition and with some cleaning and restoration of Estate Pieces are suitable for resale.

    • NC Coppers / Kris Kringle's Coins also obtains material from auctions where select pieces can be purchased at a reasonable price, cleaned up in some cases and resold.

  2. The other place we obtain jewelry from is OQZO Metalsmith Studio, our local Gold/Silversmith. Her Name is Lynn Occhiuzzo. She creates many beautiful and unique pieces for our customers. She has the touch of a true artist, and her creations must be seen to be believed. Lynn is the only one we allow to work on our own material and the only person we recommend to our clients. Her Website is listed below and can be seen by going to her ESTY" Store/location. 

Hand Made Pure silver Bezel with $5.00 us gold coin
Hand Made Bezel with Roman Republic Coin from BC
The reverse of the hand made Bezel and Roman Republic coin
Reverse of the hand made silver bracelett with Roman Coin
Front f the hand made bracelett with Roman Republic coin
The entire Hand Made Bracelett with the Roman Republic Coin
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