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Consignment of your material for the purpose of sale has a number of advantages. This option is only available for Material Graded by NGC or PCGS, as these third party Grading companies are the accepted industry authentication, grading and evaluation services for coins in the US industry. 


What material do you have ?


Each piece is measured on its own quality and these factors can have a significant influence on the value and returns on any sale regardless of distribution channel.

  • Age - Older generally better

  • Condition - The better the condition the better the value...Look likes it was just made or was it run over in the parking lot

  • Universe/Rarity - How few were made or how few survived and in what condition (population reports)

  • Eye Appeal - MS or PF Condition denotes the metal is unaltered, Eye Appeal is it pretty?

  • Demand - How many available (Supply) how many qualified seekers/buyers (Demand) of your material

I will work with you to inventory your collection and research the current market conditions utilizing numerous distribution channels and determine which is the right avenue for you with the greatest returns your material. 

You will need to schedule an appointment to go over and discuss the specifics related to your circumstance and that of the material in question, as well as the market as a whole.

With graded material you have optional distribution channels you do not have with raw material.  This is due to the individual grading companies (PCGS and NGC) providing consistent levels of measure and certifications.

If your material is in what is known as Raw or Ungraded, and it has the potential value as a graded coin where the cost of the grading does not exceed the recommended percentage of the coins value it can be graded with an expectation to provide and increase in desirability by a collector and therefore appeal to a wider audience. I strongly recommend you make the choice to grade your material as it creates clarity and eliminates confusion as to grade authenticity and potential value.

Go to the contact page enter your information with a brief description of what you want to achieve and let's get together and discuss the possibility of a consignment agreement.

My fees are simple 10%, I Inventory your collection, I then research the market relative to your collection, I then provide you with  information necessary to ascertain the best distribution channel for you and your collection. I then expedite the transaction through the channel of your choice!

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