Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins are a very wonderful area of study with many different ages and locals in which to focus. These can include Early Greeks to Roman, Biblical, Chinese, Indian, Bactrian, Egyptian, Persian, the list goes on and on...


We at NC Coppers have a very extensive collection on display, going back 6000 years to more recent first thru fifth century material. 


We are always seeking to expand our selection to include many different types and select quality coins of both Silver and Gold with less emphasis on coppers, although we do have a few.


Look over some of the enclosed pictures for a sample of some of the material we carry.


Stop by and let’s discuss where your focus might be and allow us to help you develop your collection.


If you have some you wish to sell please consider us as a potential buyer or possibly act as your representative through our many outlets / auctions around the world where your specific collection may bring a larger return on your investment.



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