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Foreign coins


Foreign coins are such a wide variety of study, primarily dependent on the global market, the local economy, and the stability of the countries regulatory agency that issued the coinage.


Foreign Gold and silver always maintain some value directly related to the intrinsic value of the metal. 


Countries that no longer exist present a unique set of challenges in obtaining quality examples of a particular country's coinage.


The other mitigating factor is that a number of foreign countries have been in existence for many centuries and they tend to be less affected by age that we in the US would be caught wide eyed and in awe.


Set an appointment to come in and let’s have a discussion about your focus and what material you may be looking for, some of this material may be readily available while others may be nearly impossible to obtain.


Keep in mind that a number of foreign countries have enacted laws that prevent their antiquities from leaving their respective countries and in some cases from entering their countries.


There may be some instances where some material in exceptionally good condition may be very inexpensive, while other of lesser quality may be astronomical in cost.


Let’s have a discussion and see if we can open up new avenues to acquire or dispose of materials related to your desires.


We have coins from all over the world in stock.


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