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"Alert" Show Dealers-Theft Gold Coins-New Suspect MO

Gold Coin Theft-Coin Show

On Saturday November 17,2018 two suspects were able to distract a dealer at the Grapevine, Texas coin show and steal a roll of Krugerrand's. The suspects were described as a male and female with European accents. They showed the dealer a picture of a coin necklace and were looking for gold coins to make a similar piece. The male suspect wanted to look at a gold eagle and as the dealer opened his case the female immediately reached inside. The dealer said "You just cant reach in my case like that", and she removed her hand. The female then pulled out a roll of money and said they did not have enough and needed to find an ATM machine. The subjects left the show and never returned.

A few minutes after the suspects left, the dealer realized a roll of Krugerrand's was missing. It is apparent the female suspect palmed the roll when she aggressively reached into the show case. The dealer advised their actions were swift and professional.

Male subject Female subject

Mid thirties Mid thirties

5'6-5'8 5'8-5'10

Dk hair Lt brn hair

Pencil thin beard Could pass for Caucasian

Heavy set Med Build

Thick accent Thick accent

SHOW DEALERS SHOULD BE ALERT. The MO in this offense has similar characteristics to recent coin shop thefts that have occurred across the country. THIS MAY BE A NEW TREND AT SHOWS.

Doug Davis


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