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Theft Gold Coins-Coin Shop-Georgia

Coin Shop Theft

The following theft occurred at Mr. Coin in Conyers, Georgia by two hispanic males.

The victim describes the incident below:

Two hispanic males arrived at the shopseeking fifteen gold coins for big celebration tomorrow. Will be used to make coin vest (showed pictures of their cultural practice). Price no concern (especially true since they planned to steal!). Asked that we pull coins out of boxes and place in bag but wanted all boxes/containers placed in a box. Gave us a wad of cash to count (building trust that it was a real deal) which totaled $4900. Total of purchase far exceeding that so we were given a deposit of $500 and asked to hold the merchandise until they could return with funds. Bag of coins were placed in box with empty boxes and we were asked to seal box with tape. As employee turned away to pick up tape dispenser, one turned the box around so the bag was closer, shuffled ("rearranged") the contents removing a box and the bag of coins to the counter...with the bag under the empty box. He then slid the bag off the counter and into his back pocket (left hand) while replacing the box ( right hand) and closing the box flaps. It took less than five seconds. They then assured us they would return in about 45 minutes... I anticipated a scam but sincerely thought we had the gold and their $500....and that the scam attempt was yet to come. When they did not return in about two hours, we opened the box and discovered the theft.

Stolen Coins:

(1) 1980 1-oz Gold Krugerrand in 2x2 cardboard Mylar

(1)1902-S $20-Gold Liberty in 2x2 cardboard Mylar

(1) 1993 $10-American Gold Eagle, unc., in 2x2 cardboard Mylar

(2) 2007 "First Spouse: Jefferson" 1/2-oz gold proof, both no box/cert, one is in 2x2 cardboard Mylar, the other is in original capsule

(1) 1975 Panama 100-Balboa (.2316-oz gold) Proof in 2x2 cardboard Mylar

(2) 2014 3/4-oz gold Kennedy Commemorative, both in original capsules with no box/cert

(2) 2016 1/2-oz gold Walking Liberty Commemorative, both in original capsules with no box/cert

(1) 1904-S PCGS MS61 $20-Liberty

(1) 1924 MS63 $20-Saint Gaudens PCGS# 9177.63/21403699 {NOTE: THIS IS THE MOST IDENTIFIABLE COIN. PLEASE WATCH FOR IT}

(1) 2006 1-oz Gold Buffalo, Proof, no box/cert, in original capsule

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis


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