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Vehicle Burglary-Dealer Inventory Stolen-Houston, Texas

Vehicle Burglary

The Houston police department is investigating the vehicle burglary of the owner of Collectors Coin Shop Bellaire,Texas while loading up at the Houston Summer Coin Show.

The following is a list of stolen coins:

1-Box 1/2 cents 75pcs

1 Box Type coins 75pcs

1 Box 3 cent silvers 75pcs

1 Box Lincolns 1909-1930 300pcs

1 Box Lincolns 1951-1975 300pcs

1 Box Lincolns 2005- date 300 pcs

1 Box V-Nickels 1883-1912 150pcs

1 Box Jefferson Nickels 1938-1950 300pcs

1 Box " " 1951-1970 300pcs

1 Box " " 1970-1982 300pcs

1 Box Barber Dimes 1892-1916 300pcs

1 Box Mercury dimes 1916-1935 300pcs

1 Box Franklins 48-63 300PCS

1 Box Morgan VAMS $1 150pcs

1 Box Peace $1 125pcs

1 Box Eisenhower dollars 150pcs

1 Box SBA $1 90pcs

1 Box Sac 150pcs

The majority of coins were less than a hundred dollars.

The coins were housed in flips or cardboard 2x2's. On the front of each USA on upper left hand,denom top center and mm upper right, Bottom left MD orCCS and grade, price on bottom right(written in black ink).

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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