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Theft-Territorial Checks-Canadian Notes

Theft Territorial Checks/Canadian Notes

A brown valise containing approx 150 Territorial checks from mostly Western states dated from 1860's-1890's, several engraved sets Adams and company dated from 1850 (Penn,Ill, CA, Mass) and a book of Canadian notes was taken during the recent paper money show in Kansas City.

Partial Listing of Canadian Notes:

Canada Dominion CA1994241B Group2 $1 King George V Green Seal

Canada Dominion H1A2866981 $1 Gordon/Towers sig

Canada Provincial 35A $10 Toronto Hopkins/Bettes Orange OP,ABNCO

Canada Dominion A1385896 $5 Block D Osborne/Towers sig

Canada H/L 2993370 $1 King George VI Gordon/Towers

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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