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Coin Shop Burglary-Mississippi

Coin Shop Burglary

Investigators are investigating the burglary of North Mississippi Coin Company. The suspects entered by cutting open the bottom part of the back door which did not trigger alarm. The suspects then cut a hole in the safe.

Partial listing of stolen coins:

15 rolls 2018 eagles

1799 NGC dollar VF

20 10oz bars (Elemetal and NTR)

Double row box 11/2x11/2 containg pennies to quarters

Double row black box slabbed pennies thru half dollars

Double row black box slabbed common dollars

The 2x2's and 11/2x11/2's will have date in left hand corner and grade in right corner in black ink. All will have a small white sticker with price. Cost code on back.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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