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USPS Parcel-Stolen - Bullion

An overnight parcel being sent from Studio City, Ca to Indiana arrived eight days after being shipped. Upon arrival the package had been damaged and the bullion contents replaced with weights. It is unclear at what point in transit the compromise took place.

List of items stolen: Engelhard 5 oz items with serial numbers 51496 58012 239877 C220622 240063 2 without serial numbers Engelhard 10 oz items with serial numbers P423125, P288824, P025789, P065788, PO96323, C112511 P116211, P427344, P427407, P215620, P211824, 2 JMC 3 oz silver bars 1 Engelhard silver bar serial number 39834, I JM 14.1 oz silver bar 79669, 1 Engelhard 1969, 4 piece Hallmark 100 gram set. In case with booklet. Engelhard 2 oz gold bar Hoffman and Hoffman 5.21silver bar JM 100 gram bars with serial numbers Canada 002078 Canada 001525 JM 100 gram bars with no serial numbers Garantito Silver Jubilee Sweitzerisher Bank J&M

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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