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Coin Shop Burglary-Texas Coins-Texas

Roof Top Burglary

On 3/12/18 between the hrs 4:20 am - 7-30 am, burglars came through the roof disabled the alarm, wireless transmitter and battery. The backup would not work without a battery. The suspects then used a diamond saw to cut through a large Melnik safe door.

Partial listing of stolen coins & Currency:

1909s-VDB fine rim nick at date and quarter moon scuff below date

15 US Made Open Face and Hunting pocket watches, none (1- 4k)

3 1859o - 1860o - 1861o seated dollars in EF stained dark Hurricane damage

25 Seated Halves 1859 unc,1854 1860, 1861, 1862 ef/au

mostly New Orleans mint; hurricane damage stained dark

1 seated quarter 1853 New stained dark

hurricane damage stained dark with older cleaning

25 Various date Eisenhower blue and brown

15 1947 Mexico 5 peso Cuauhtemoc silver

2 - 2x2 boxes of tokens, foreign and us type

Various refinery gold and silver jewelry

Small currency. 1', 2's, 5's, 10's, one 1928 $100

High grade MPC's

5 - Republic and Government of Texas Notes

$10 Small size gold note 1928

5 - 1914 Dallas etc FRN

25 pc large currency

50 pc small currency

Various Wartime Currency 1, 10, 20

25 Silver Dollars various dates

75 Mexico 1 peso 10% coins

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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