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"Alert"- Stolen- National Small Banknotes-Long Beach Show

Nantional Banknotes Stole

A dealer has reported the loss of approximately 20 slabbed small national banknotes from his table at the current Long Beach Show.

Partial Listing of stolen notes:

FNB of Beardstown, IL $10 T1 PC 15 FNB Dolton, IL $10 T1 PC12 NB of Kirkwood, IL $10 T1 PC 15 FNB Metcalf , IL $10 T1 PC 10 FNB Newton, IL $10 T1 PC 12 American NB Mansfield, LA $10 T1 PC AU 55 Riggs NB of Wash, DC $5 T1 PMG 63

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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