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"Alert"-Stolen Coin List-Murder-Indianapolis, IN

Partial Stolen List

The following is a partial list of stolen coins taken from the murder victims house in Indianapolis,Indiana. An in-depth list will be sent out later today with NGC/PCGS cert numbers.

Multiple 1/10 eagles NGC 1986-1991 raw and NGC PR70

Several 1925 $20 St.Gaudens PCGS/NGC

Multiple 1/2 ounce gold eagles NGC MS70

Multiple Gold Medal of Honor $5 Proofs

Large number ASE 86-2013 slabbed NGC/PCGS Flag,Trolley, Bald Eagle labels

Liberty $2.5 gold 1896 PR67 CAM

$1 Princess 1882 MS67PL NGC 3214116-001

Slabbed 3 Legged Buffalo AU NGC

Platinum Eagle20060.10WUMS70 ERNGC1559084-003

Platinum Eagle20060.10WPPR70 ULT CAMNGC1568430-171

Platinum Eagle20070.10PUMS70NGC3201606-004

Platinum Eagle20070.10WUMS70 ERNGC3085543-040

Platinum Eagle20070.10WPUlt Cam. PR70NGC3085137-032

Platinum Eagle20070.50WP10th. Anniversary PR & Rev. PR

Platinum Eagle20070.25UMS70NGC3201295-147

Platinum Eagle20070.25WUMS70

Platinum Angel20101.00PPF6NGCHigh Relief

Palladium2010PGem Proof PR HRPCGS5 PD

Palladium Britannia038 of 399

Palladium2010PGem Proof PR HRPCGS5 PD

Palladium Britannia037 of 399

Platinum Eagle20101.00WPPR70 ER Ult CamNGC2546202-003

GB Angle2010PPF69 Alt CamIsle of Man H.R.3403339-006

GB Angle2010PRAWG.B - K & W Engagement

The victim had a large collection and it may be possible that a female may try to sell the coins. Additional details will be available as the investigation progresses.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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