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Stolen Currency-USPS-TN

Stolen Currency

A USPS package being sent from Tennessee to Southern California was delivered ripped open and contents removed.

The following notes were stolen:

$5 1928B Legal Tender DA block PCGS 65PPQ s/n D97067180A

$2 1953A Legal Tender *A block PMG 66EPQ s/n *03345352A

$1 1899 Silver Certificate PMG 53 s/n K23758473K

$10 1934 Federal Reserve Note Philadelphia LGS PMG 64EPQ s/n C16686658A

$10 1934D Silver Certificate Wide, BA block PMG 64 s/n B39206882A

$100 1862 Confederate PMG 64EPQ s/n 47158

$20 1914 Federal Reserve Note Minneapolis PMG 35 s/n I5064074A

$20 1950B Federal Reserve Note GB block PMG 67EPQ s/n G84598342B

$1 1935A North Africa IC block PCGS 67PPQ s/n I36067096C

$1 1918 FRBN Boston PMG 55 s/n A3631851

Anyone with information contact

Doug Davis


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