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"Alert"-Homicide-Counterfeits-Stolen Coins-Persons of Interest

Persons of Interest

The Lincoln Nebraska Police Department requested assistance on a counterfeit coin case in June of this year. Detectives are now investigating a kidnapping/homicide of a female with subjects pictured below as persons of interest. The investigation has revealed that these two subjects have traveled the the Central Plains and possible Southeast, defrauding individuals with counterfeit coins.

The male subjects given name is Aubrey C. Trail and the female Bailey M. Boswell. The male subject has introduced himself as Allan and claims to run an antique business under the name of A&B Antiques.

About the same time in June, the Numismatic Crime Information Center sent out two alerts regarding the below subjects as suspects in a theft at a Utah coin shop. Additional information on a second alert reported that the suspects had been seen in Iowa and Tennessee. The male subject below introduced himself as Allan in Utah. These are the same subjects as pictured above

The subjects are currently in custody but Detectives are looking for anyone who has come into contact with these two subjects. We are also looking for additional victims.

Anyone with information please contact:

Sgt. Steve Wiese

Lincoln Police Department



Doug Davis


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