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"Alert" Partial Recovery Coins-Watertown,MA- UPS Theft

Coins Show Up in Stoneham, MA Area

On November 8, 2017 the Numismatic Crime Information Center sent out an alert regarding a Lost/Stolen UPS package which had been sent to Watertown, MA. The package contained a large number of slabbed Walking half dollars. On November 11, 2017 NCIC received a call from a Massachusetts dealer advising that he had bought six of the half dollars that was listed on the alert from a flea market in the Stoneham, MA area.

The following coins have been recovered.

1935 Walker PCGS MS66 CAC PQ last four serial 0027

1937 Walker PCGS MS66 CAC Dakota last four serial 3757

1938 Walker PCGS MS66 last four serial 3842

1942D Walker PCGS MS66 CAC PQ last four serial 2253

1945S Walker PCGS MS65 PQ last four serial 3681

1947 Walker PCGS MS67 OGH PQ last four serial 1425

Dealers in Massachusetts should be on the watch for additional coins that may be sold in the area. This is an on-going investigation.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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