Coins Missing-USPS-Petaluma,CA Area

Missing Package

A package has been reported missing after being sent out for delivery from the Petaluma, CA post office facility. The package contained a large amount of DMPL dollars.


1878 DMPL 7TF R/78 MS63 81889935

1878 DMPL 7TF MS63 13331903

1879O 7TF DMPL MS63 81881972

1881 DMPL MS62 31801815

1881CC DMPL MS63 04176529

1881O DMPL MS63 02550391

1882CC DMPL MS62 81798831

1882CC DMPL MS63 21817209

1883CC DMPL MS63 21462933

1883O DMPL MS63 32194267

1884O DMPL MS63 07532966

1885 DMPL MS61 01789094

1885 DMPL MS63 04252928

1885CC DMPL MS62 18316151

1885CC DMPL MS63 21328388

1885CC DMPL MS63 21584568

1885O DMPL MS63 32192814

1886 DMPL MS63 03794148

1887O DMPL MS63 81798824

1888S DMPL MS63 06699573

1888S DMPL MS63 21513641

1889 DMPL MS63 81651696

1889O DMPL MS63 81798633

1891CC DMPL MS62 80826482

1891CC DMPL MS63 13728505

1891CC DMPL MS63 21696878

1891S DMPL MS63 09233159

1896 DMPL MS63 04579277

1897S DMPL MS63 02552909

1897S DMPL MS63 90029959

1898O DMPL MS63 31801813

1898O DMPL MS63 05241303

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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