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Burglary-Modesto Coin & Bullion

Coin Shop Burglary

The Modesto,Ca police department is investigating a burglary that occurred at Modesto Coin & Bullion. The suspects entered the building through the roof using assorted tools and saws. The safes were not breached.

Partial list of stolen coins:

PCGS 1937 Buffalo Nickel MS-66 #3980.66/83068301

1879-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS-64 # 2717683-004

1925-S-CA-Diamond-Jublee-Commemorative-Half-Dollar-PCGS-Genuine-Unc-Detail-G10 9281.92/83068297

100 pcs 2003 $1 FRN Star Notes Uncirculated Consec Seriel # F03694201* to F03694300*

100pcs B08584201* to B08584201*

300 plus U.S. Coins in flips, 1.5x1.5 and 2x2 staple together holders.

Each coin will have a small white rectangular price sticker with hand written inventory codes consisting of one letter and one to three digits. i.e. C47 or B98 or D3 or E122 or F137 etc .

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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