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Another Vehicle Robbed

Folks, never leave valuables in your cars, these thieves are watching for any opportunity to steal from you... Lets try to help them get their property back!

Vehicle Burglary

A Washington State dealer was the victim of a vehicle burglary after attending the recent PNNA coin show in Tukwila,WA. The offense took place in the parking lot of a Costco in Shoreline, Washington. The investigation is being conducted by the Shoreline, WA police dept.

The following coins were stolen:

1885CC $ PCGS MS65 82906581

1921D $ PCGS MS66 CAC 82225051

1897S $ PCGS MS65 81809530

1902-O $ PCGS MS66 82193406

1893S $ PCGS VF25 14194432

1981O $ PCGS MS64

1885O $ PCGS MS64+

1904O $ ANACS MS65

1904O $ PCGS MS64+

1881S $ PCGSMS66

1882CC $ Raw MS63+

1882CC $ Raw MS63

1882CC $ Raw MS63

1883CC $ Raw MS63

1883CC $ Raw MS63

1883O $Raw MS63

1927S $PCGS MS63

1899O $NGCMS66

Anyone with information please contact:

Doug Davis


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