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Update to the previous post from San Antonio

Please note the certification numbers...

Stolen Coins

The following is an updated list of stolen coins from the San Antonio, Texas area.

1878CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65 81690763

1879CC MSD PCGS MS63 25666999

1880CC MSD PCGS MS65 81628004

1881CC MSD PCGS MS65 82466996

1882CC MSD NGC MS66 55161507

1883CC MSD PCGS MS66 81623939

1884CC MSD PCGS MS65 33667598

1885CC MSD PCGS MS65 82919812

1889CC MSD PCGS AU 25665656

1891CC MSD PCGS MS64 82699940

1892CC MSD PCGS MS64 31777852

1893CC MSD PCGS MS62 81677297

Anyone with information please contact:

Doug Davis


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