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Stolen Inventory

I have been away for the last week and a couple of things have shown up...

Douglas Daniels returned home in Stanislaus County, CA after attending the South San Francisco Coin, Stamp and Collectibles show and became the victim of a residential burglary which resulted in the loss of his entire show inventory. Daniels left his residence for approximately one hour and during that time suspects smashed in the backdoor and removed 4 Zero Haliburton cases full of coins. Nothing else in the house was taken.

Partial list of stolen items:

Hundreds of slabbed ANACS labeled with D.C. Daniels Collection

Complete set of Barber dimes XF/AU with 95-O having spectacular toning in a Wayte Raymond Album

1928 GEM unc 1928 $1,000 bill St.Louis

8- $500 bills XF/Unc

Over 100 CC dollars

15 Gold Certificates including 2XF 1928 $100

Complete Canadian cent collection XF/UNC

Pack 1963 Red Seal Two's Ser#A07177601A-A071777700

Example of slabs/2x2 olders

Anyone with information contact:

Lt. Price

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Dept.




Doug Davis


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