Stolen Collection-Honolulu

Burglary of Residence

Honolulu Detectives are investigating a residential burglary that resulted in the loss of a large coin and currency collection.

Partial list of stolen coins and currency:

Twenty Cent pieces 1875S AU, 1875cc XF, 1875S XF

Half dimes 1832,34,35 XF

Shield nickels 1866,67,68 all XF

1806 Draped Bust Quarter XF

1755 8R VF

1776 8R VF

Trade Dollars 1876,1877,1879S XF

2- 1909 SVBD VF

1909S F

Two Cent pieces 1864-71 in XF

4 rolls silver dollars

1800 Bust Dollar VF

1847 Seated Dollar VF

1922 $10 Gold Note

1922 $20 Gold Note

1922 $50 Gold Note

1929 $10 Gold Note

1929 $20 Gold Note

1929 $50 Gold Note

1928 $500 Federal Reserve Note

1934 $500 Federal Reserve Note

1934 $1000 Federal Reserve Note

1896 $1,$2,$5 Educational Notes

1869 $1,$2,$5,$10 Rainbow Notes

1782 Germany 2Mariengosehen

1422-1461 Charles VII Ecud'or Gold

1515-1547 Francis I Ecud'or Gold

1625-1649 Charles I Double Crown Gold

1787 Portugese Charles III 1 Escudo Gold

1787 Portugese Charles III 2Escudo Gold

Anyone with information please contact:

Det. Richard Critchlow

Honolulu Police Department

District 4 Burglary Theft Detail

(808) 723-8837

or Doug Davis 817-723-7231 Doug

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