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Houston Burglary Proof they are watching US!

What a bummer... Followed from the coin show and waited until they left for dinner... only thing they took was the coin cases..... Situational Awareness... you must watch who is following you wherever you go.... Lucky there was no one home, could have been injuries.... Let’s help stop these crooks!

Residential Burglary

A dealer leaving the recent Houston Money Show drove to a relative's house where he was staying in Harris County, Texas. He took two catalog cases inside and then left for dinner. While out to dinner the residence was burglarized and the only thing taken was the catalog cases containing his coin inventory.

The following coins were stolen:

1 double row box of iron and zinc Notgeld 1 double row box of hammered coin from India and surrounds 2 double row boxes of modern silver and copper-nickel crowns with sporting and

animal themes 10 double row boxes of general foreign, mostly 1700ad - 2000ad including: about 50 Chinese cash type coins, some 1,000 - 2,000 years old large quantities of Brazil, Portugal, Russia and Sweden about 50 British Conder tokens. Several are valued at over $300 1746 1/2 Thaler from Hall choice aUnc $2000 City view 1/3 Thaler from Wied-Neuwied EF $900 Gold Coast pattern 1/4 Ackey 1796 hairlined aUnc $500 1 single row box with around 20 high grade minor coins from the German States in the1700's and 1800's

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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