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Update Fraudulent Cashier's Check

On 11/11/16 the female in the attached pictures presented a cashier's check for over $16,000 at R&K Coin, 521 W. Sunshine Springfield, MO., to purchase 12 (1 oz) Canadian Gold Maple coins. A male caller had made contact with the business by phone on 11/10 to negotiate the purchase of the gold coins, presenting himself as a buyer/dealer. The male caller arranged for his "wife" to stop by the Springfield Store on her way back to Texas. A price was negotiated and it was arranged for the "wife" to come to the store on 11/11 and complete the transaction.

On 11/11 a female who appears to be Hispanic, or possibly mixed race, comes to the store and presents a fake cashier's check off a First Financial Bank out of Wentzville, MO. (which does not exist). On the face of the check is an 800 number. The victim in this case called the 800 number to confirm the funds on the account and obtained a copy of the female suspects drivers license (which was a faked id from Texas). The female purports to be a Carmen Febus H/F. Upon calling the listed phone number for the bank the call is answered by a male who claims to be a representative of the issuing bank for the cashier's check. The male representative authenticates that the funds are available to cover the cashier's check.

If anyone has any information on this case, similar cases, or can identify the female in the pictures; please contact:

Cpl. Mike Evans

Springfield Police Department

Springfield, MO.

Criminal Investigations



Doug Davis


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