Dealer Robbed after Coin Show

Folks another example of a dealer having his car burglarized when he stopped after a coin show...

Never leave your material in an unoccupied automobile, thieves are watching for any opportunity... See Below

Vehicle Burglary

The following coins were stolen when a dealer stopped after leaving the recent Collectorama show. The suspect vehicle is described as a silver SUV.

Stolen Coins:

1908-S IH VG8 ICG 2736900101

1909-SVDB Linc VF20 ICG 2736900102

1916-D Merc Dime Fair 2 ICG 273690103

1942/1 Merc Dime VF 35 ICG 273690104

1942/1 Merc Dime VF 35 ICG 273690105

1928 Silver Dollar AU50 ICG 273690106

1928 Silver Dollar AU58 ICG 273690107

1932-D Wash 25 cent VF20 ICG 273690108

1932-S Wash 25 cent EF45 ICG 273690109

1-1 oz Gold Eagle coin

1-1 oz Gold Canadian Maple leaf

1 - 1 oz Pamp Gold Bar

1 set BU Franklin in capitol plastic holder

1- 2013 Proof Set clad

4 - Misc Commemorative coins

4 - 1800 Silver Dollars

1 - Shield Nickel 2 - Dansco Albums

1 - Silver Wartime Nickel BU set in Capitol holder

20-2009 Silver Eagles

1-2003-S Sacagawea Dollar Pr 69

1-2011-S Sacagawea Dollae Pr 69

1-2009-S Sacagawea Dollar Pr 69

1-1907 $5 Wood chopper.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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