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Finally a recovery we can talk about

Folks, I mostly report theft and murder in the coin community, I am able to report a recovery of coins in the Texas area, that may have come from outside the state...if these sound like they may be yours give Doug a call and let him put you in touch with the detectives handling the case you never know they be yours...???

Possible Stolen Coins Recovered

Investigators with the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department are requesting assistance in locating a victim of a possible theft or residential burglary that involved the loss of a large collection of coins. Officers were dispatched to a residential area and arrested two suspects. The coins were located upon inventory of their vehicle. Both suspects show to be from the Fort Worth area but may have traveled to surrounding states.

The coins included a partial set of Bust half dollars, type coins, gold coins, silver bullion and several slabbed coins.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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