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Another car broken into...

Vehicle Burglarized

A Houston, Texas dealer was the victim of a vehicle burglary that resulted in the loss of over $20,000 in coins. The victim had picked up the coins from his bank and was enroute to a numismatic event. When the victim stopped for just a few minutes leaving his vehicle unattended, unknown suspects smashed the windows and removed the coins.

The following coins were stolen:

1896 B Swiss Gold 20 Franc 3 stars in front of face MS63 Certified 1913 Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder MS66 Certified 1875 Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder MS66 Certified 1881 Spain Gold 25 Peseta MS62 Certified 1866 Australian Sydney Sovereign AU58 Certified 1914-D Lincoln cent EF40 Certified 1929 Standing Liberty Quarter MS65 Certified 1878 8TF Morgan Dollar MS65 Certified 1878 7/8 TF Morgan Dollar MS64 Strong Certified 1883-CC Morgan Dollar MS63 Certified 1884-CC Morgan Dollar MS64 Certified 1892-CC Morgan Dollar MS63 Certified 1899-P Morgan Dollar MS63 Certified 1884-O Morgan Dollar MS65 Certified 1879-S Morgan Dollar MS65 Certified 1893-S Morgan Dollar Fine Uncertified

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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