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You didn't really leave your coins in your car did you???

Folks.... Too Many Times we have seen that thieves will follow us away from coin shows, and just wait for an opportunity like this..... Never never ever leave your coins unattended, especially in a car, even if locked in the trunk....

Take them to your bank or put them in your safe, but never unattended... It always ends is grief

see below....

Cost = $2,666.00 per minute

*****Another note get copies of your coin cert numbers and pictures, the recovery can be at least feasible, if they turn up still in their slabs....

Vehicle Burglarized

A dealer,who had left the recent Long Beach Show, was the victim of a vehicle burglary when he stopped in a residential area in San Diego and left his vehicle unattended in a driveway for approximately 10-15min. Approximately $40,000 in slabbed coins was taken.

The following is a partial list of stolen coins:

1877 quarter PCGS 64, 1861-O half PCGS cleaned Unc Details, 1869 half PCGS Proof 64, 1938-D half PCGS 64, 1799 dollar PCGS 25, 1877-S Trade dollar NGC 62, 1894 dollar PCGS 35, 1900-S dollar PCGS 64, 1928 dollar PCGS 63, 1914 quarter eagle PCGS 62, 1927 quarter eagle PCGS 63, 1908 with Motto eagle PCGS 61, plus 100 other slabs.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


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