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Another coin shop burglerized

we have to put more effort into prevention or soon their will be no coin shops left...

Burglary Allgood Coin Shop

St.George, Utah Detectives are investigating the burglary of the Allgood Coin shop that occurred in the early hours of August 22,2016.

The following is a list of stolen coins:

1893 S Morgan Dollar NGC Fine, 1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent NGC XF, 1909 S Vdb Lincoln Cent NGC MS61, 1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent NGC MS63, 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent NGC AU55, 1972 Double Die Lincoln Cent NGC AU, 1877 Indian Cent NGC Fine, 8-Buffalo Nickles PCGS AU-MS65, 17- Standing Liberty Quarters PCGS AU-MS66, 14-Seated Quarters PCGS Fine-AU, 96- Morgan Dollars PCGS a few NGC MS63-MS65 mixed dates, 20- Morgan Dollars Carson City PCGS & NGC MS63-MS65, 36- Peace Dollars PCGS some NGC MS62-MS65 full run, 48-Peace Dollars raw 2x2 VF-MS63 full run, 260- Morgan & Peace Dollars raw VG-AU, 192 raw 1 1/2x1 1/2- 1/2 cents, Large cents, 3 cents, VNickels, Buffalo Nickels, Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, Barber Halves, Seated Dimes, Seated Quarters mix, 12-Bust Half's 1812-1834 PCGS VF-AU, 30- mix Bust Half's, Bust Dollars, Trade Dollars, Seated Dollars XF-VG raw 1 1/2x 1 1/2 holder, 5-Commemorative 50cent 3NGC, 2PCGS, 3piece 2006 Silver Eagle Set PCGS, 28-Silver Eagle Proofs 1986-2015, 1160 Silver Eagles Uncirc 2tubes of each year 1986-2016, 32- 10oz Silver Bars, 25- 5oz Silver Bars, 20- 1 oz Silver Bars, 25- 1oz Silver Cougar Canada, 50- 1oz Silver Maple Canada, 100- 1oz Silver Brittanica Rounds, 500- 1oz Silver Rounds, 10- clear rolls 90% Silver Dimes, 10- clear rolls 90% Silver Quarters, 10- clear rolls 90% silver Half Dollars.

Anyone with information contact:

Det. Josh Wilson



Doug Davis


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