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Home burglary

Folks here is an example of why you need to get an inventory of all of your valuables, Graded coins and notes get simple pictures of back and front, the same with ungraded material that has a value over $100. and these should be stored in a safe designed to protect valuables not a fire safe or gun safe, but one rated for Thieft determent... or store them in a safe deposit box at your bank or brtter yet a private vault facility that offers insurance on contents...

So Much for the soap box...

Be on the lookout for the following and lets help this collector get his property back...


The Carver County, MN Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary where (51) $500 bills were stolen. There are no serial numbers available at this time.

Anyone with information or who is offered a large number of $500 bills should contact: Det. Tyler Stahn



Doug Davis


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