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High Grade Ancients Stolen

Hey folks, Doug has another list of stolen coins please check any thing you have and lets get these thieves in jail where they belong!


High Grade Ancients Stolen

Detectives with the Los Angeles police department are investigating the theft of high grade NGC slabbed ancient coins valued in excess of $400,000.

Stolen List:

Coin Date


Mint Mark




Slab Company

323-317 BCAV Stater, 8.58 g Phillip III, Macedon KingdomMS*5-52401146-002NGC

336-323 BC post humousAV Stater, 8.60 g Alexander III, Macedon KingdomGem MS 4-52401606-001NGC

AD 161-169AV Aureus, 7.38 g Lucius Verus, Roman EmpireGem MS 5-53599304-001NGC

AD 187-188AV Solidus, 7.25 gRomeCommodus, Roman EmpireCh MS 5-52401009-001NGC

AD 294-295Aureus, 5.52 gCyzicusMaximianus, Roman EmpireCh XF NGC

AD 337-361AV Solidus, 4.44 g Constantius II, Roman EmpireGem MS*5-52401010-003NGC

AD 337-340AV Solidus, 4.37 gThessalonicaConstantine II, Roman EmpireMS 5-32401010-001NGC

AD 337-340AV Solidus, 4.34 g Constantine II, Roman EmpireMS 5-31950230-043NGC

AD 117-138AV Aureus, 7.15 g Hadrian, Roman EmpireCh MS*5-53597831-001NGC

AD 161-169AV Aureus, 7.25 g Marcus Aureleus, Roman EmpireCh MS*5-52401603-004NGC


AD 308-324AV Aureus, 5.39 gSisciaLicinius I, Roman EmpireMS 5-42400650-001NGC

89 BCSilver, 2.21 g M Cato Ar Quinarius, RomanCh MS 4-50452499-002NGC

AD 829-842AV Solidus, 4.46 g Heraclius & Heraclius Constantine, Byzantine EmpireMS*5-54165163-027NGC

AD 829-842AV "thick" Semissis, 1.83 g Theophilus, Byzantine EmpireCh MS 4-54165163-005NGC

AD 527AV Solidus, 4.49 gConstantinopleJustin I-Justinian I, Byzantine EmpireMS 4-51981613-003NGC

193/2 BCAV Octodrachm, 27.80 g Arsinoe II, Ptolemaic KingdomMS*5-42400583-001NGC

1920Silver Dollar China 7 Char, ChinaMS 67116554.67/ 02833129PCGS

1786-WL'ORLilleLouis XVI, FranceMS 671733090-003NGC

Anyone with information should contact:

Det. Prietro




Doug Davis



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