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Large collection of Gold stolen

A large collection of US gold, Roman and Byzantine coins was stolen from a residence in Los Angeles CA.

Be on the look out for these they should be easily identified by their registration numbers.

Look of partial combinations of these coins from persons that would not normally have such things or have any real knowledge of what they have and may be selling them at either stupid prices... these are dead give away to possible theft. see below...

Stolen- US Gold in Los Angeles, CA Burglary

Mon, 07/18/2016 - 9:23pm — ncic

Los Angeles Detectives are investigating a residential burglary that resulted in the loss of the following US gold, Roman and Byzantine coins.

1843-O small date AU 53 ANACS $2-1/2 dollar, 1853-O ANACS AU $1.00 dollar, 1861 PCGS AU 58 $5.00 dollar, 1880-S MS61 NGC $5.00 dollar, 1881 MS 61 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1882-S MS 62 PCGS $5.00 dollar, 1885 unc. $5.00 dollar, 1887-S MS61 NGC $5.00 dollar, 1888 MS 61 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1888-O AU 58 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1889-S MS 62 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1891-CC AU 55 PCGS $5.00 dollar, 1892-O MS 61 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1893 MS 62 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1894-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1895 MS 61 PCGS $5.00 dollar, 1897-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1899 MS 61 NGC $5.00 dollar, 1900 MS 62 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1901-O MS 61 PCGS $10.00 dollar , 1903-O MS 62 PCGS $10.00 dollar, 1904-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1906-S MS 62 PCGS $5.00 dollar, 1906-O MS 61 PCGS $10.00 dollar, 1906-D MS 63 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1906-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1907 MS 62 PCGS $10 dollar, 1908 no motto MS 64 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1909-S MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1910-S MS 62 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1911-D MS 64 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1912 MS 63 NGC $10.00 dollar, 1913 MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1914-S PCGS 64 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1915-S NGC 64 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1916-S MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1920 MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1920 MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1922 MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1923 NGC 62 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1924 MS 62 NGC $20.00 dollar, 1925 NGC 62 ANA $20.00 dollar, 1926 MS 63 PCGS $10.00 dollar, 1927 MS 61 ANACS $2-1/2 dollar, 1927 MS 61 ANACS $20.00 dollar, 1928 PCGS 62 PCGS $2-1/2 dollar, 1928 PCGS MS 64 PCGS $20.00 dollar, 1929 MS 62 NGC $2-1/2 dollar, 1932 MS 63 PCGS $10.00 dollar, Many slabbed Mercury Dimes, Maximianus gold aureus RIC 609, Valentinian II gold solidus, Gordianus II den, Laelianus ant Leo I gold solidus, Zeno gold solidus, Aelia Pulcheria gold Tremises, Constantius II gold solidus, Augustus AR Tetradrahm, Anastasius, gold solidus, Caracalla, AR Tetradrachm (CNG Web Id.8524) Prieur 1143, Allectus antoninianus RIC 94, Gratian gold solidus RIC 176.2, Claudius Albinus den, Paulina den., Flavius Victor RIC 84d argentus, Vespasian AR den (RIC-15), Geta (Item F121), Valentinian I gold solidus, Commodus Tetradrahm (Alexandria, Egypt), Domitian AR Cistophorus, Claudius Agrippa Sr., Nero & Poppaea AR Tetradrahm of Alexandria, Julius Caesar AR den, Lucius Verus AR den, Trajan AR den RIC96, Nerva AE AS RIC 51, Theodosius I, gold solidus, Nero AR den, Constanius Chlorus AR argentius RIC 3, Pertinax, AR den, 3.42 gm (Harlan Berk, Sale 125, Lot 415), Gordian I Africanus AR de, Valerian I AE 27 Levante 513, Macrianus Bill. Tetradrahm, Drusus As RIC 45, Hadrian As RIC 779, Marcus Aurelius AR den RSC 878, Marcus Aurelius AR den RSC 37 Domitian AR den RSC 280, Trajan AE dupondius RIC 429, Domitius Domitianus, AE Follis SR.3598, Commodus, as Caesar, AR den, Herrenius Etruscus AR. Ant., Trebonius Gallus, AR ant., Honorius, gold solidus (CNG Inv. No. 727157), Diocletian AR argentus, Theodosius II gold solidus, MarcAnthony AR den (Augustus on reverse), Claudius AE As, Maximus as Caesar, AR den. RIC IV 3, Constantine III, AR siliqua (CNG Inv No. 182491), Aelia Eudocia, gold tremissis ( CNG Triton VI, Lot 1148), Basiliscus, gold tremissis (CNG Triton VI, Lot 1181), Julian of Pannonia, AE ant. (Triton VIII, Lot. 1195), Vespasian, AR den 3.36 gm (Harlan Berk Sale 139, lot 263), Trajan, AE19 Thrace, Deultum, 2.56 gm (Harlan Berk Sale 139, Lot 478), Septimus Severus, AR, Syria, Tetradrachm, Galerius, as Caesar, AR argentius, Octacilia Severa, AR Tetradrahm, Valentinian III gold solidus, Pescennius Niger, AR den (Antioch) (Harland Berk Sale 129, Lot 220) , Marcian, gold solidus (CNG Inv. No. 733259), Eugenius, AR siliqua RSC 14tb, Marcian gold solidus, Constantius I, AR argentius, Septimus Severus, AR Tetradrahm, Augustus, AR Tetradrahm (RPC-2203), Nero Claudius Drusus, AE Sestertius, Julia Titi, AR den RSC-14, Divus Nigrinian, 3.61 gm, Rome mint (CNG 69, Lot No. 1701), Caracalla, AR Tetradrachm, Prieur 1143 (CNG Lot No. 736877), Vespasian, AR den, Ephesus mint (CNG Sale 67, Lot 1364), Jovinus, AR siliqua, 1.22 gm (CNG Sale 67, Lot 1813), Valens, gold solidus, Leo II, gold solidus, Nero, AR Tetradrachm, Antioch, (Harlan Berk Sale 131, Lot 510), Agrippina, AE Sestertius, Trajan, AR den (CNG Inv. No. 752201), Caligula AE As, RIC 38, Didius Julianus, AE Sestertius (CNG Triton VII, Lot 993), Commodus, AE Caria, Stratoniceia, AE 25mm (CNG Inv. Lot 153749), Trajan AR Tetradrahm, Arcadius, gold solidus (RIC46a), Diadumenian, AR den (RIC 102), Balbinus, AR den. (RIC 5), Marc Anthony AR den (Legion IV), Julius Nepos AV tremmisus, Didia Clara AR den, BYZANTINE EMPIRE, Justin I, gold solidus, Berk 37, 4.51 gm, Justin I, gold Tremissis, Sear 145, 1.52 gm, Justinian I, gold solidus, Sear 137, Justin II, gold solidus, Sear 345, Tiberius II, gold solidus, Sear 422 Maurice Tiberius, gold solidus, Sear 524, Maurice Tiberius, gold solidus, Sear 524, Phocus, gold solidus, Sear 1618, Phocus, gold solidus, Sear 620, Heraclius, gold solidus, Sear 769, Heraclius, AR ½ siliqua, Carthage mint, Sear 871, Constans II, gold solidus, Sear 964, Constans II, gold solidus, Sear 964, Constans II gold tremissis, Sear 984, 1.44 gm, Constans II, AR Hexagram, Sear 991, Constans II, gold solidus, Carthage Mint, Sear 1040, Constantine IV, gold solidus, Sear 1154, Justinian II, 1st Reign, gold solidus, Sear 1246, Tiberius III, gold solidus, Sear 1360, Leo IV with Constantine VI, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1585, Michael I, Rhangabe AE Follis (Syracuse Mint), 3.15 gm, Leo V and Constantine, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1628 Theophilus, gold solidus, Sear 1653, 4.48 gm, Theophilus, gold tremissis, Sear 1678, Michael III, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1692, Basil I and Constantine, gold solidus, Sear 1704, Basil I, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1708, Constantine VII and Romanus II, gold solidus, Sear 1751, Constantine VII and Zoe, AE Follis, Sear 1758, Constantine VIII, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1815, 4.40 gm, Necephorus II, Phocus, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1781, John I, Tzimices, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1786, John I, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1792, Basil II, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1800, 4.36 gm, Constantine VIII, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1815, Constantine VIII, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1815, 4.40 gm, Romanus III, AR Empire Miliaresion, Sear 1822, Romanus III, gold solidus, Sear 1819, Constantine IX, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1830, Constantine IX, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1829, Constantine IX, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1834, Andronicus III, Palaeologus AE Trachy, 0.97 gm, Isaac I, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1843, Andronicus I, gold Hyperpyron, Berk 355, 4.23 gm, Isaac, AR Trachy, usurper in Cyprus, Sear 1992, Isaac II, gold Hyperpyron, Sear 2001, 4.32 gm, Isaac II, AR Trachy, 2.98 gm, Alexius III, gold Hyperpyron, Sear 2008, 4.24 gm, Theodore I, Empire of Nicaea AR Trachy, Sear 2064, Theodore I, Empire of Nicaea, AR Trachy, Sear 2064,

Anyone with information should contact: Doug Davis 817-723-7231 or

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis


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