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Phone scam

Folks, there was a scam going on that has changed, so read the following for the details...

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In April the Numismatic Crime Information Center sent out an alert regarding a suspected phone scam by a person who identified himself as Richard Iden. Recently several dealers have called and advised the same suspect is using a different name and phone number.

New Information: Suspect identifies himself now as "John Ward" using the phone number 702-502-4466. However, caller id shows the name Richard Iden.

The suspect states that he has a large number of Carson City dollars (135) belonging to his great-great grand father who had worked at the mint and that his mother had sold some coins to the dealer in the past and she wanted to be sure that he sells the remainder to him when it was time. The suspect wants money sent up front or needs money to help with the shipping.

The story is basically the same but some details may be different in each call.

Please Share with other dealers.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis


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