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Stolen Numismatics

The following is from the NCIC site and is a BOLO for stolen material... If you see or run into anyone in possition of the following contact myself or Doug and we will get you in touch with the appropriate officials to take action Thank You Ken

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. Residential Burglary

The following is a partial list of currency that was stolen from a residence in Los Angeles, CA.

FR552 $20 Date Back S/NM798314 Pittsburg, PA ,The Duquenes NB PMG Unc62

FR1613W 1935D $1 Error Inverted overprint A67552352 PCGS VF25

FR1911-E 1981 $1 E99844798B PCGS VF25

FR1984-E 1995 $5 Error Underinked green overprint Plate #H63/63 PCGS 66PPQ

FR1922D 1995 $1 Error D37295664E Overprint on back PCGS XF45PPQ

FR2072-E $20 1977 Error Full back to face offset PCGS AU58PPQ

FR299 1891 $10 Silver Cert E7994503 PCGS F15

FR248 1896 $2 SN17315713 PCGS VF20

FR60 1917 $2 D70258467A PCGS CH63

FR1173 1922 $10 Gold Cert. H86551534 PCGS XF40PPQ

FR227 1891 $1 E11855549 PCGS XF 40 PPQ

FR545 1882 $10 Charter #2395 The Bennington County NB SN2807F PCGSF15

FR738 1818 $1 Kansas City, MS J13322247A PCGS 63PQ

FR537 1882 DB $5 Charter #2524The Germain NB, Cincinnati,OH #2694G PCGS VF25

FR282 $5 1923 A40830385B PCGS AU58

FR121 1901 Mule Bison E27668767 PCGS Gem 66

FR477 1882 BB $5 Charter #5805 The Bankers NB, Cleveland,OH #7626A, PCGSVF25

Also stolen was a large number of other error notes, nationals and celebrity autograph notes including a $50 note autographed by "The Fridge".

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis


The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

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