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NC Coppers Weekly Updates (New Stock, Current Activities, and Numismatic News)

Greetings and welcome to the NC Coppers Weekly Blog!

We will be adding updates each week to provide interesting information of interest to coin collectors within the local area and also to folks around the industry.

My name is Kenneth L. Tireman Sr, and I am the founder of NC Coppers. My history goes back many years to 1957 when I was working in a local Pharmacy at the soda fountain, when a customer came in and ordered sodas (old fashion Ice Cream sodas - we were called "Soda-Jerks" hence the term alluded to the action of despising the carbonated water by pulling on the handles) for six children who were with him, at a price of 15 cents each.

The man paid with two rolls of Indian Head pennies, I accepted the payment and was curious at the end of the day as to these somewhat different coins. I went through them and discovered I had a large number of different dates, and that was the beginning of a life long passion for coins.

Well that is how I got started, drop me a line on how you became involved.

Well onward to new stock... we have just purchased some graded $50.00 American Eagles (2006 and 2014) in MS 69 and 70 also first release labels. We managed to acquire a $100.00 Liberty Gold High Relief in MS 69 that just begs to be taken home. a 1908 No Motto $20.00 gold piece arrived in MS 62.

A real prize has arrived that has not bee on the market for some time, a 1880-CC $10 Gold in AU That's right a Carson City Gold piece. These were only produced in very small numbers and many of those were lost to the governments removal of gold coins from circulation in the early 1930's. It is estimated that less than 200 of these coins still exist, and therefore many folks will never get a chance to even see one much less own one. You can see and hold just be stopping by the shop, so com on down and lets have a little show and tell...

Well that's enough for a first blog, I will be following up with another next week... Thanks and happy hunting...Ken

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